2018 Performers

Africa Unplugged

World Music 

Africa Unplugged is a dynamic group, led by djembe master, guitarist and songwriter, Atiba Rorie. The band uses traditional percussion instruments from West Africa in combination with guitars and bass to play traditional rhythms while drawing from influences across the world. Their creativity results in a funky, soulful blues and dance music that keeps you moving as they tell stories from the old world and the new!


After Jack

After Jack is a musical celebration of togetherness. Named 2014 Americana Vocal Group of the Year by the Appalachian Cultural Music Association, the trio combines expressive songwriting, captivating vocals and a unique take on traditional mountain music. Combine your most beloved musical memories with a foot-stomping string band and top it off with harmonies that spring straight from the soul of the mountains, and you’ve got After Jack. 


Allthebestkids come from the future with one purpose, to spread the highest vibrational music this world has ever known. Instead of attempting to manipulate the past in their favor, ATBK wield pop, soul, hip hop, & psych rock as their luminous love filled mega sword, striking at the heart of darkness wherever they land. Those with pure intention, fear not! Allthebestkids will effortlessly fill your emotional tanks with the energy you so desperately desire, reminding you of something forgotten long ago. We are Allthebestkids.


Appalatin - Appalatin’s foot-stomping, hip-swinging sounds organically unite Appalachian folk and high-energy Latin music. The name, Appalatin, reflectsthe unexpected meeting in Louisville, KY of Kentucky-raised musicians and masterful Latin émigrés from Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Their all-acoustic performances of traditional stings of guitar, mandolin, upright bass, and charango, indigenous Andean flutes, hand percussion, harmonica and vocal harmonies have brought joy and happiness to listeners of all ages. In May of 2013, the band released its second studio album, Waterside. It features original music and interpretations of traditional songs from their native regions of KY, Central America, and the Andes. On the new album, Appalatin follows their instincts with a bilingual shift between languages, styles, and vibes. From the seriously Americana-inflected title track "Down by the Waterside" to upbeat acoustic Latin “La Linea”, to the outright Andean traditional tune “Alpa Mayo” and Fernando Moya’s Quechua contribution, “Ñuka Shungo,” Appalatin’s infectiously danceable tunes spring from the band’s shared love of roots music. After starting out playing at a local coffee shop for free coffee in 2006, the band has since performed on some of their region’s most prestigious stages. Since the release of their first album in 2011, the band has shared the stage with Red Baraat, Sam Bush, and The Black Lilies. They have performed at the RiverRoots Music & Folk Arts Festival (IN), CityFolk Festival (OH), Worldfest (KY), Culturefest (WV), and in May of 2013, they had the honor of performing before 10,000+ people in Louisville’s Yum! Center at the Dalai Lama’s Public Talk. They have also appeared on radio shows such as Michael Jonathon's Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour, Red Barn Radio, 91.9 FM WFPK’s "Live Lunch", Kentucky Homefront and were featured on West Virginia Public Radio’s “Inside Appalachia.” In addition, the track “Alpa Mayo” from their Waterside album has appeared on PRI’s “The World.” In 2014, the band was awarded the Americana Award by the Louisville Music Awards Academy. They are also the feature of an Emmy-nominated PBS-affiliate documentary in the KY Muse series, now distributed nationwide on public stations.  The band has been in the studio recording its 3rd studio album and will be announcing details of its release in the first months of 2017.                                                                                       


Ball and Chain is based in Princeton, WV and features the extraordinary vocals of Melissa McKinney, who is shaping an entire generation of young artists at Stages Music School in downtown Princeton. Her magnetism has sparked a movement of young artists as well as attracted a band of seasoned musicians who have recently joined forces to form  this powerful combo. With Victor Lawson on the guitar, Floyd "Red" Ricks on the bass, Randy Fielder on the drums and Melissa McKinney on the microphone, this band rocks with power and musical prowess.                                                              


Black Garlic is an instrumental band that blend tasteful arrangements of upbeat riffs, electronic sweetness, soft rock texture, and a pungent funk with deep subtle jazz notes. Based in Fayetteville/Oak Hill, WV, the band consists of Stevie Watts and Josh Bibb on on guitar, Rob Gross on drums, General Jitters on bass and Duncan Mapes on keyboards. The band has been busy playing festivals and venues all around the region.                                                                                               


CassiRaye is an emerging artist whose creative vision is as expansive as her soul. Now based in Sherperdstown, WV, she was born in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, and was strongly influenced by her southern roots, audiences find themselves captivated by her earthy, sensual voice, and her original songs lead listeners into the most intimate depths of the human experience. CassiRaye's music continues to find its way into hearts across North and South America, and she has been a featured performer at music festivals and concert venues throughout the eastern US, including Culturefest in West Virginia, and BuddhaFest in Washington, DC.  In addition to being a gifted musician, CassiRaye is also an accomplished visual artist, and in all her creative work, she is inspired to transform the heaviness of life into beautiful expressions of healing that are uplifting and playful. When she's not creating beautiful music and art, she finds herself most inspired by nature, good tea, quality time with beloved friends and family, and her hometown, Shepherdstown, WV. Her debut album Open was released in Spring of 2015.                                                                                                                                                                             


The Change Funk/Rock
The Change is a teenage funk band from WV. Each musician plays multiple instruments. Their goal is to make a difference in the world with their music. They hope to connect to people around the world with a message that there is hope. They seek to unite people, to set an example for others that there is hope even in the dark times, to encourage others to stand up for what they believe in and to encourage people to follow their dreams They believe that together we have the power to make a Change. They are ambassadors for the Free2Luv organization. Free2Luv is a national organization that promotes individuality, self acceptance, and equality. Look for great things from this determined group of young ladies and gentleman.


The Charleston Rougues are a 8-piece Pogues cover band with their own Appalachian flair! Based in Charleston, WV, playing the songs of The Pogues, along with traditional Irish reels & jigs, a few country songs & a few originals, they have become known for their camaraderie and their high-energy, fun shows, offering a little something different to the Charleston area, which has a history of Scotch-Irish immigrants who settled in Appalachia. 


The Company Stores are a folk fusion band from Charleston, WV, that smoothly blends elements of many genres of southern music. They pull inspiration from styles such as Delta blues, Appalachian folk, gospel, jazz, and other Americana music, then layer in their own modern styles and rhythms. Vocalist Casey Litz's sultry and soulful voice captivates the audience, while the band lays down bluesy grooves between dynamic builds. The name "The Company Stores" is a throwback to the old coal mines of West Virginia. It refers to system set up by coal companies during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, where they paid the miners in "script" or "coal money" that was only good at the "company store". This form of indentured servitude kept miners and their families in bondage to the coal companies, and was a classic case of the rich and powerful exploiting the poor. This name not only shows the bands heritage, but also the gritty feel of their music and the meaning behind many of their songs about the struggles of the common man. The Company Stores have been hard at work over the last four years as a band. Since their start as a full band in May 2013 they have released two albums, have been on the iconic Mountain Stage Radio Show, countless festivals including Deep Roots Mountain Revival, Camp Barefoot, and Blue Plum Festival, and have toured all over the east coast. Their latest album “Little Lights”, released in April 2017, has received countless positive reviews proclaiming it as one of the best regional releases of the year.                                                                                                      


Douglas John

Douglas John is a long-time troubadour and singer-songwriter based in West Virginia, known for original songs that explore the light and the dark and the in between of daily life. His tunes range from classic folk to space opera. Check out some of his tunes at:



The Gin Mills


Founded in 2011, the Gin Mills is an original blues & rock trio that hails from the heart of West Virginia. Their sound is an ever changing representation of many ideas and styles. Are you a fan of hard rock? The Gin Mills have your back! Want some smooth blues? Got it! Feel like a folksy pick-me-up? Why not?

With plenty of original music to go around, the band consists of James Hart (guitar, lead vocals, etc.), Michael Testerman (bass guitar), and Shawn Wagner (drums and vocals). The Gin Mills are always ready to play, excited to gain new friends, and are ready to earn new fans! Add them to your playlists, see the live, and spread the word!

Groova Scape brings a fresh, powerful vibe to their bluesy shows, which are always packed with fun and surprises. Powerhouse vocalist Melissa McKinney of the Grassroots District scene in downtown Princeton, WV and veteran guitarist Henry Lazenby front this five-piece known for its startlingly good original tunes. Groova Scape has a super solid foundation provided by the spot on and exhilarating drumming of Matt Leonard and tight funky bass grooves provided by Scott Sutton. Paul Tressel tops it all off with soaring keyboard lines. 
When Melissa turns loose those pipes, audiences sit up and take notice, then howl for more. Another treat are the words of lyricist Marcus Morris, who has written a host of songs with Lazenby, including, "The Revolution": "The sun catches fire in the eastern sky. You sailors be warned, for this tide will rise."  “Those guys have written some truly great songs,” says longtime promoter and music scene guru Gary Jackson. All of it adds up to a festival-tested band that is ready to move to the next level after six years and hundreds of shows worth of seasoning on the stages of Virginia, the Carolinas, Maryland and West Virginia. The products of that experience are blues/rock arrangements that conjure up all sorts of jazzy, funky surprises. Groova simply knows how to find the groove every single night, and they'll do it without assaulting your ears or insulting your intelligence.
In recent years, Groova has opened for top acts such as Dave Matthews’ sideman Tim Reynolds and TR3 (twice), for Zach Deputy; for EOTO; for RAQ, for Thievery Corporation, for Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band, for the Bridge, for U-Melt, for Basshound and numerous others.


Gypsy Funk Squad plays a mix of classic belly dance songs from Turkey, Armenia, Egypt, The Balkans, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, and other points in the Middle east. In their repertoire is also revamped rock tunes and original surprises...done belly style! They  can perform all traditional, all western (world style) or a mix. They almost always have a belly dancer or two performing with them. The emphasis is on fun and a dancing good time. 


Holly and The Guy is a soul/pop  band out of Huntington, WV. In June of 2014, Holly and Seth connected online and decided to collaborate. After discovering their musical chemistry, they formed the group Holly and the Guy in July 2014. The band's focus is on playing, writing, and expressing themselves musically. Holly and The Guy draws from a pool of influences including soul, blues, jazz, to singer-songwriter, hip hop, pop, and funk. It is through these influences they create their sound. In 2015, Holly and The Guy released their debut EP containing four original tracks: "Cheating Ways", "Just Can't Fake This", "Since I Met You", and "Pass Me Another". The EP featured performances from Holly Forbes, Seth Carey, Rachel Victoria, Devin Hall, and Jerry Lee Brooks. Tracks were mixed and mastered at Thunder Bay Studios in Ashland, KY. Presently, the band has its focus on promoting themselves through playing shows and writing more original music for an album.                                                                                                                                           


James Hart 


James Hart is a shining light at Stages Music School in downtown Princeton and has performed at Culturefest for the past 9 years with multiple acts. A prolific writer, he's written over 70 songs. He says, "Music has always been a major part of my life; I see it as a way to deal with life and sometimes a way to not deal with life; I believe it is the art of creating emotion. In my solo work, I write what I have experienced either directly or indirectly and I try to play music that makes people happy, so most of what I write comes from that. But I don't want to just make them happy, I want to make them think about their relationships and the people they love, in hopes of helping them somehow deal with and reflect on the good and the bad in a positive way. Affer all, if you take away the cars and the houses and all the materialistic things, all we have left is each other."

JQ Vay is a singer songwriter with roots deep in the Appalachian music tradition, branches reaching out to embrace the world. His lyrics aim for the heart; contemplative, wistful, and uplifting. His finger style guitar playing rolls on like a winding river. Though Vay has been quietly writing songs since he was a young child, he has only recently been impassioned to share them with a larger audience. Last year he began recording at Hollow Reed Studio in West Asheville NC. He has just returned to his mountain home after wintering and performing in Thailand and is now working to develop his performance schedule for the year.




Ignes Proles is passionate about fire! They will light up the night with their awe-inspiring mystique. This Baltimore-based tribe has been a part of the Culturefest family for several years now. 

Find them on Facebook here.

St. Petersburg, FL-based Billy Mays III chose his moniker, Infinite Third, to represent an inner duality. ‘Infinite’ being the part that’s connected to greater consciousness. ‘Third’ representing the human element. It follows that his endless layers of ethereal guitar, primal beats, and pulsing drones act as conduit for something greater than the sum of their parts. Songs are often improvised journeys through undefined scales, structured and concise, but with room for random moments of openness – the perfect gateway into experimental music. Infinite Third’s debut album, Gently, was released in December of 2009 after a year of tragic events. In February of that year, Mays survived a near fatal apartment fire that engulfed everything he owned, including his recording studio. Picking up the pieces, he cobbled together a minimal guitar-based setup that informed his new approach to creating music. But before he could catch his breath, his father, well-known TV personality Billy Mays, passed away unexpectedly. When he finally began recording again, it was under the banner of Infinite Third, and was more vulnerable than ever. Since then 12 hours-worth of LP’s, EP’s and song sketches have been released via the artist collective Remember You Are Dreaming. It’s a fitting home for Mays, whose music has had a considerable impact on artists of different mediums, from visual artists to filmmakers, serving as a sonic inspiration for their own creative process. He’s implemented exploratory streaming live sessions and performances in non-traditional venues with his Ambient Installation Series, attracting local champions in the press world. Tampa Bay Times ran an in-depth profile and he was bestowed two “Best of the Bay” awards from Creative Loading’s reader’s poll - Best Local Experimental Act and Best Local Instrumentalist. Mays’ interactive looping project Mouth Council was also chosen by Shure Microphones for an international marketing campaign.


Indpendent State -  A West Virginia native who still resides in the 'Mountain State', Adam Cox is a singer/songwriter with a rootsy Americana edge. Some may describe his music as 'New Appalachian', having been influenced by the wild and wonderful...and beyond. His debut CD entitled "Free and Independent State" features several West Virginia-based musicians who will be featured with him at this event. These original tunes portray glimpses into the many perspectives of Appalachian life, in all its splendor and harsh reality. Now with a stellar combo of musicians, his music has wings that carry his music to audiences with beautiful power.                                                                                                                                                 


Jermaine Jay Lane

Jermaine Jay Lane is a talented poet who currently resides in Bluefield, WV. He has become a familiar face in the local creative arts community; he hosted open mic poetry night at Local Mo’Joe during its tenure, and formally hosted similar nights at The Rubicon Cafe in Fredericksburg, Va. He was also a frequent headliner at The Wounded Bookshop in Fredericksburg. He has authored over 300 poems which can be found in various places online, and delivered a poem to 1,000 people one weekend in May 2011. He is a kidney transplant recipient, three kidney strong. He makes a bowl of oatmeal that will awaken your senses and your soul. And you’re thinking, what, it’s just oatmeal and that’s like saying the sin is just a star… Discover Jermaine and his unique works and journey at: 


Kathleen Coffee is an Appalachian native and folk singer. She believes music is medicine. She joined healing forces with human rights activist and photographer Paul Corbit Brown in 2016. You can also find them working on the frontlines as Keeper of the Mountains Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to stopping mountain top removal and fossil fuel extraction.


Take a listen HERE. 

Laney Sullivan and Jameson Price make up the world fusion folk band Lobo Marino. They are also the founders of the Earth Folk Collective and Fonticello Food Forest Project in Richmond, Virginia. Deeply dedicated to environmental and social justice, when traveling they carry in the music a message of humanity's need for reconnection with the earth. While at home they spend time community organizing and running their homestead and donation based education center The Earth Folk Collective. They have traveled around the country extensively sharing their music at festivals, schools, yoga centers and healing retreats. 


Liberty High

The Liberty High School Band is very unconventional. Not your typical marching band, these musicians train and travel with a Theatre/Visual Art teacher, a Music teacher, and the occasional Yoga instructor. Members of the band play multiple instruments in multiple ensembles to include: marching and concert band, Liberty World Percussion Ensemble, and the student pop music ensemble, Groovus Phaticus. The Liberty High School Band prides itself on it’s high academic standards and a college going rate of over 90%. This season’s show features a mix of various styles of popular music and the original work of some of their singer/songwriters.

The Liberty High School Band is directed by E. Jeremy Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez has been honored as the Glenville State College Outstanding Student Teacher for Spring 2007, Liberty High School Teacher of the Year 2013, winner of the Freida J. Riley Award, and winner of the 2013 Great American Teach Off.

Hailing from Glen Daniel, West Virginia, The Liberty High School Band is honored to represent the hardest working community in America. We believe in Liberty High School and we love it!

Lucas TheFlow 

Liquid Electronic Music

"Born into a family of musicians in Huntington, West Virginia, being involved in music was a given. In 2006 Lucas learned to play guitar, singing and writing songs soon followed, and so the focus of his first album "Manifest Destiny" was based upon guitar and voice. In 2008 when he acquired an Apple MacBook he taught himself to produce with Garageband and then Pro Tools, which led to creating his 2nd album "The Sound of Evolution" which combined vocals and a bit of guitar with electronic beats. Several electronic tools and albums later, from explorations in  electronic influences such as dubstep, glitch hop, electro, trap, and funk, he is preparing a new album of his best material yet to be released on Gxxks Records in 2017. He now listens to and creates bass and electronic music of many sorts: Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Trap, DNB, Deep House, Ambient, Funk, and he has been influenced by a variety of genres and styles over the years - Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Hip-Hop, Funk, Reggae, Jam Bands, Folk, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Soul, and any music full of energy and motion! Lucas has performed at Infrasound, Eden Lounge DC, Supermoon, Playthink, Cosmic Charlie's, 123 Pleasant St., Clustxr, Swarptoberfest, the Huntington Ale House, the Boulevard Tavern, Deception, The Monkey Barrel, Camp Mad Anthony Wayne, Black Sheep, the V Club, & Culturefest. All his latest music can be streamed or downloaded from:


Melissa and Kayla


This dymanic mother-daughter duo is the heart and soul of Stages Music School in downtown Princeton. They eat, sleep and breathe music and share it with all those around them in the most loving and generous way. Their voices are powerful and angelic and they are role models and inlfuencers for countless artists in the region.

Mr. Daywalker

Glitter Soul

Mr. Daywalker is a spiritual sonic experiment by multi-instrumentalist, Donovan Duvall. Mr. Daywalker seeks to create autophysiopsychic music; art that uses your mind, body, and spirit to connect with others in order to better understand their perspective. His sound is derived from modal jazz, Hiatus Kaiyote, Radiohead, D'angelo, as well as a multitude of other sources. Mr. Daywalker is currently finishing up his debut EP, "Warmth." A project focused on capturing a year of intentionality, struggle, and empathy, "Warmth," tells a story that through loss, understanding can be found.



Mystic Warriors is dedicated to exposing the essence of Andean Music in a completely unique way. While their music style appears to fit into the “New Age” category, it often sounds like world music, contemporary jazz, Latin or mainstream popular.  They believe their music is a fusion that crosses over all of these without leaving the boundaries of Andean Music.  More important than categorizing their style is their ability to deliver a message of universal peace and harmony transmitted by the combination of Andean ancient flutes and panpipes with contemporary instruments. Joining the ancestral sounds of the Incas with today’s newest sounds, Mystic Warriors will transport you to places and times long forgotten, but yet to come.                                               


Natural Born Leaders is an independent soul, rock, neo-hip hop band  based out of Asheville NC. Their music  is fueled by creative and
abstract thought. The lyrics are real, heart felt, and driven by the elements of love and fear stitched together with catchy hooks that get stuck in your brain. The rhythm section is hard hitting & funky and will always get your feet moving. They are directly influenced by bands contrasting in range from The Fugees to Black Sabbath and their music displays links to everything from jazz to blues, to Afro-Latin and jam music. NBL is  performing and touring at everything from dimly lit dive bars, to bustling urban street festivals, all the way up to world class music venues. They just finished their first studio album ‘About time’ a four song EP. About Time is currently available for purchase and stream across all major streaming outlets. With a uniquely powerful, thought provoking, and lively stage show NBL is a bite of hip-hop-gumbo-funk with strong, musical burst of soul that will make your soul hungry for more and your feet aching from dancing. If given the chance to experience NBL’s raw stage show you will be sure to take a powerful, musical journey.


Felix Ricardo Ataucusi Olivera, better known by his stage name Richie Olivera, is a Peruvian musician who plays instrumental music with native South American instruments. Richie started his music education when he was 12 years old at a music program in his hometown Lima. His first experiences on musical instruments were with quenas and zamponas, which are native instruments from Peru. His desire of mastering those instruments motivated him to practice for many hours a day, and that led him to be an outstanding musician in his class. Richie decided to learn more instruments such as bastos, toyos, and quenacho, which are similar wind instruments to quenas and zamponas. Due to his dedication and passion for music, Richie started performing with more experienced musicians in the community. By playing with more experience musicians, Richie gained more experience and decided to form his own group with his brother and other friends. Instead of playing in small venues, Richie’s group started as street musicians, and went all over the capital to share their music. However, the group broke up because Richie and his brother immigrated to New Jersey, USA on 2007. Nonetheless, living in a different country exposed Richie to new genres such as Jazz, Rock, Celtic music, and that brought back his desire to learn new music. Currently, Richie performs with other musicians or as a soloist by using a backing track. Richie Olivera has played in Café Improv at Princeton University, New Jersey City University, Andes Festival in Perth Amboy, open mics and small venues around the tri-state area. Richie Olivera’s main influences are Nestor Torres, Lucho Quequezana, Sergio “Checho” Cuadros, Vlado Urlich and Carlos Nunez. Richie Olivera’s repertoire consists of very diverse music; anything from traditional andes music to the Beatles, and latin jazz standards. Check him out at youtube.com/SpRichie and facebook.com/RichieOlivera

The One Voice Project 

The One Voice Project is a group of passionate youth artists dedicated to using their music to make a positive impact on the world. They travel through schools, festivals and other events speaking out against bullying and spreading a message of kindness and love. A product of Stages Music School in downtown Princeton, these youngsters light up our neighborhood with their creativity and passion. 


Option 22 
Eclectic, All Original Music Streaming From the Soul  

Expect to be lifted when you hear this infectious, eclectic Americana groove. Powerful, yet blissfully soothing female vocals dance atop instruments from around the world including banjo, guitars, didgeridoo, shamisen, and a variety of drums. Positive lyrics inspire unity and call for change. Dancing inevitably erupts. Based in Princeton, West Virginia, Lori McKinney (vocals, drums, spoken word) and Robert Blankenship (guitar, banjo, shamisen, hand-drums, didgeridoo) have been writing and playing music together since early 2004. Her passionate and angelic vocals married his smooth, steady groove. Infusing the Culturefest mix are the funky, hard hitting bass lines of Kayla Lynn McKinney (bass) the soulful, seasoned guitar stylings of James Hart (lead guitar) and the rock solid, hard hitting rhythms of Ary'an Graham.

They understand the power of music to heal and transform, and they use their creative gifts to make a positive impact on the world around them. They live and work within a multi-purpose creative zone which they created in downtown Princeton, WV called The RiffRaff Arts Collective, which is revitalizing a one dark and depressed area with color and life. They write, perform, teach and record there as well as host music nights, drum circles, art parades and more.  They also founded and run this festival. 


The Parachute Brigade is a 5 piece Indie/Folk Rock band from Beckley, WV. Their sound is a mixture of acoustic Americana and ambient Indie Alt Rock. Their vocal harmonies  and driving instrumentation provide a unique sound and an emotional listening experience. Beginning as a cover band in 2012, they made a name for themselves by doing random popular songs in their own folkish, harmony driven way. However, they decided to start writing their own music shortly after, and quickly realized they had something special. They recorded a 5 song EP of original music in Nashville, TN over the summer of 2017, and are in the process of touring these songs as emerging artists at festivals and venues this summer. You can soon find the album, titled “The Gold EP,” on their website, ITunes, and Spotify.                                                                                                                                                      


Cody Perkins is a talented singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Princeton, WV. Founding member of the popular Kind Thieves Band, Cody has  recently stepped aside to focus on his solo music and life as the father of a sweet baby boy. His songs are introspective, deep and heartfelt, with a phisophical twinge and yearning for understanding. Potent and powerful vocals tug at the heartstrings and audiences are enthralled when Cody takes the stage.  He has played numerous gigs on major stages from Mountain Music Festival to the popular Marvin’s Mountaintop. He frequents The Room Upstairs at The RiffRaff Arts Collective in downtown Princeton, coffeehouses and listening rooms as he explores his life as a solo artist.

Samadhi is a performance dance troupe in the Charleston - Huntington area of West Virginia. While performing belly dance, the dancers are entertaining themselves as much as they are entertaining the audience with a mix of choreographed and improvisational pieces.Samadhi was formed in 2004 and is based in South Charleston. Their costuming is an eclectic mix of modern and ethnic pieces from many regions of the world.  Much of their jewelry originates from the Kuchi tribe of Afghanistan.



Silly Strings consists of 4 young students of Maggie Mainland. Madalyn Jarrett is 10 years old and has studied violin for 7 years, starting with Jan McClure. Since then, Madalyn has placed in four fiddler’s competitions, attended four Suzuki Institutes, and volunteered to play at several retirement homes. Madalyn's passion to share her music with the world is what she enjoys most in life!  Annika Hudson is eight years old and has studied violin for one year. She attends Mercer Elementary School and dances at Princeton Dance Studio. Louie Boyd is twelve years old and has studied bass for six years. She also participates in various musical ensembles through her church and has studied dance for nine years. Paige Fox is ten years old and has studied banjo for three years. She is also a percussionist in her school band and has participated in the WV All State Children's Chorus.

Spaceship Earth 

Produced by Ashton Robertson, Spaceship Earth features live guitar over multidimensional, resonating rhythms, weaving a magical web that takes us beyond our current dimensional framework. Spaceship Earth intertwines parallel futuristic timelines with ancient beats to create a deep vortex of layers that is grounded into the roots of the Earth, while projecting the stars and nebula's from within.


StarBaby and the Rolling Oms is a mindful folk/hip hop band devoted to bringing warmth, understanding and healing to all. Born in the Shenandoah valley. Originally beginning as a solo act. The MadScientist was known for his political and spiritual hip hop, his lyrics were about accountability and world wide growth. He decided in 2017 to start using music to project love, collaboration, community and peace, StarBaby was born. StarBaby is the name of The Madscientist’s great grandmother who was awarded that name for re starting her tribe after catastrophe took most of them. StarBaby travelled the country with water protectors and Lakota elders performing and spreading the message of conservation. Connell and Joel joined StarBaby in his musical adventure which birthed the name StarBaby and the Rolling Oms.

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Ashley Adair Surface 
Contemporary Christian/Gospel/Pop/Country

Ashley was raised by her loving grandparents in the small town of Lashmeet, WV. She was always singing in church. She use to make up songs off the top of her head when she was only five and sing them during the service. From that moment on, she knew someway, somehow, God was going to use her for something. She started playing guitar at age seven, and wrote her first real song at age eleven. “My grandparents and mother knew that I should be doing something besides singing the songs I wrote in my bedroom, so they said I needed to make a cd.. and I did!” Ashley recorded her first album at fourteen titled “Let It Rain” at a musician’s studio in Sevierville, TN. “It was fun! I got to meet and work with a few musicians that had cuts on Dolly Parton’s past albums.” Ashley started singing at local talent shows, ball games, government meetings, and doing writing sessions at Curb music in Nashville, TN with a couple artists. “I was always doing something musical” she says. Ashley’s style can best be described as Contemporary Christian with Country Roots. Ashley fell in love with country music at the age of 12. She would sing along to Shania Twain, Sara Evans, and the Dixie Chicks. That's why you find so many country sounds in her new contemporary music, because she grew up with it. Nowadays Ashley is attending Into The Light Prayer and Worship Center where she sings and plays guitar for the worship team. Music has took on a new meaning for her as she pours out lyrics to her Heavenly Father. The closeness of her relationship with God has brought on new sounds, new lyrics, and truth. "Everything I write, I have either experienced it or have been inspired by it" Ashley says. "I'm excited about this new chapter in my life. It feels fresh, it feels exciting, and I'm ready to do whatever God tells me to do!”


Tiffany Freed


Tiffany has been writting poetry for more than 15 years. She learned to channel her emotions into verse at 12 years old and immediately started attending every poetry slam and open mic in New Jersey, and is published there in several loval mediums. She continues to write to cope with the oddness that is exitsnece while emphatically encouraging others to create any way they can. After falling in love with West Virginia and Culturefest she has joined the magnificent local community and is a regualr at The Room Upstairs Open Stage Night in Princeton every Monday at 7pm.

Tim & Maggie

Tim and Maggie play instrumental folk music. They grew up with it; they have studied it and have traveled throughout the United States, England, Scotland and France looking for it. Branching out from there, they teach music professionally, work on instruments every day and play just about anything written for flutes and frets.  They give their time and music to the local scene hoping that young people will get connected to music and the arts and find more joy in their lives and their communities.   Their arrangements are contrapuntal, and informed by the classic music of past masters.  Wherever they play, people are charmed by their wit and compelling melodies.  They can often be heard in our area of Southern West Virginia playing at restaurants, weddings, college programs, open mikes, coffee houses, theaters, churches and local festivals.


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